Katelyn LaBombard


How it all started…


At the age of 2, Katelyn slipped her feet into a pair of ballet shoes and has been dancing ever since. At her local dance studio, she grew up dancing across multiple styles of dance and trained to become a competitive dancer. After graduating high school, Katelyn continued her love of dance in college by taking classes and choreographing within the school’s dance program. She also co-founded and directed the program’s competitive dance team. Using her new found experience and pairing it with her love for teaching others, Katelyn started her career as a dance instructor during her Sophomore year and has not stopped since. Following graduation, Katelyn continued to direct and choreograph for local dance and theater camps, as well as continuing to teach at her local dance studio. She would go on to spend many years working for and directing national dance competitions before founding Dance Movement Worcester.

Katelyn has found that her true passion is helping others pursue their love of dance and choreography as much as she always did. Her goal was to always run her own company and to help others fulfill their passion for dance, both in choreography and performance.

Dance Movement Worcester was created to give experienced dancers an opportunity to get back on stage.